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World's first PCI Express to SuperSpeed USB xHCI host single chip solution
Release Date : May 20 , 2009

Fresco Logic showcases world's first working PCI Express to SuperSpeed USB xHCI host single-chip solution


Tokyo, Japan and Portland, Oregon – May 20, 2009 – Fresco Logic, a leading fabless semiconductor company focusing on SuperSpeed USB connectivity solutions, unveils the world’s first working PCI Express (PCIe) to SuperSpeed USB (aka USB 3.0) Extensible Host Controller Interface (xHCI) single chip solution with a fully integrated PCIe and a USB 3.0 physical layer device (PHY). The host controller chip conforms to the SuperSpeed USB xHCI specification rev 0.95. Fresco Logic’s host chip will be making its public debut in an Express Card form factor connecting a laptop via the express card slot through a USB 3.0 cable to a prototype SuperSpeed USB mass storage device, in a live, working demonstration, at the upcoming SuperSpeed USB Developers Conference in Tokyo, Japan on May 20-21.

Fresco Logic’s demonstration highlights the ability of SuperSpeed USB to deliver significant performance benefits while preserving the familiar USB usage model. This capability provides immediate and easy access to SuperSpeed USB bandwidth for next-generation external hard disk drives, solid-state drives and high-definition video-streaming applications that demand higher bandwidth than USB 2.0 can provide. It provides a preview of the true user experience of USB 3.0, moving HD content and multi-gigabyte sized files between a PC and external storage devices.

“We are very excited to see the success of our USB 3.0 PHY in the world’s first xHCI host controller chip from Fresco Logic,” said H.P Lin, President at Faraday Technology. “Faraday is optimistic on USB 3.0 ‘s prevalence, and now the two critical pieces of components, host controller from Fresco Logic, and PHY from Faraday, are introduced to the market in such a short time, which brings us more confidence than ever. We will continue working closely with industry leaders like Fresco Logic to ensure all the required elements available for the successful deployment of USB 3.0 in market,.” he added.

“This is a key milestone for SuperSpeed USB and shows progress being made on important components of the USB ecosystem in a short time frame.” said Jeff Ravencraft President and Chairman, USB Implementers Forum (USB-IF). “The USB-IF is pleased to see Fresco Logic deliver a USB 3.0 xHCI host controller single chip solution just six months after SuperSpeed USB 3.0 specification rev 1.0 was released in November last year.”

“Fresco Logic’s USB 3.0 xHCI single chip solution is another achievement of Fresco logic’s valuable contribution to the USB 3.0 industry”, said Jing-fan Zhang, President and CEO of Fresco Logic. “The partnership with Faraday and the availability of Faraday’s high performance USB 3.0 PHY technology allows us to quickly bring industry’s first USB 3.0 Single chip solution to the market. The availability of USB 3.0 host gives consumers, system OEMs, ODMs, software developers, and USB 3.0 device silicon vendors immediate access to PC and embedded platforms with USB 3.0 connectivity.”

To learn more about Fresco Logic’s SuperSpeed USB Connectivity Solutions, please visit SuperSpeed USB Developer Conference booth #16, Tokyo Japan from May20-21 or Computex booth #K516 in Nangang Exhibition Center, Taipei, Taiwan from June 2-6, or for more information.