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Keyssa and Fresco Logic Collaborate on Contactless Docking Applications for Mobile Devices
Release Date : May 14 , 2016

Taipei – January 19, 2016 –Keyssa, a leader in high-speed, contactless connectivity, and Fresco Logic, a leading provider that develops high-speed connectivity ICs and solutions for the computer and mobile electronics market, today announced a partnership to create contactless docking applications for mobile devices. Keyssas award-winning Kiss Connectivity provides high-speed, touchless data transmission and reception, while Fresco Logic F-One? technology bridges USB SuperSpeed signaling to a variety of protocols, including VGA, HDMI, and legacy USB.

Keyssas partnership with Fresco Logic signals the incredibly wide range of deployment scenarios and use cases Kiss Connectivity inherently supports, said Eric Almgren, CEO of Keyssa. The power of Keyssa is not just about moving massive files quickly between devices at USB SuperSpeed rates, but its also about the ability to interoperate with legacy devices and multiple protocols. We are pleased that this partnership brings the best of speed, interoperability, and contactless connectivity.

Kiss Connectors are tiny, low-cost, low-power, solid-state, embeddable electromagnetic connectors that securely move huge-bandwidth files between computing devices. With Kiss Connectivity, Keyssa has unleashed a new era that will change the way devices communicate and free engineers to design devices in entirely new ways. Fresco Logic provides advanced I/O solutions that deliver highly efficient connectivity such as F-One, USB 3.1, USB Type-C, and USB Power Delivery for next-generation consumer electronics, personal computing, storage and mobile devices.

Fresco Logic has industry expertise in USB 3.0 and bringing advanced connectivity solutions to consumers, said Jing-fan Zhang, CEO of Fresco Logic Inc. Combining our product capabilities with Keyssas Kiss Connectors yields connectivity solutions that are unprecedented in todays product offerings.

To begin, Keyssa and Fresco Logics joint solution will offer USB 3.0 and USB 2.0 contactless connectivity in the F-One/Kiss Connector combination as well as Fresco Logics USB Video technology. Implementations are power-optimized for both Kiss Connectivity and Fresco Logic. Reference designs are available on request.