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Fresco Logic F-Oneā„¢ Technology Enables Sleek Acer Hybrid 2-in-1 Tablet/Laptop
Release Date : May 19 , 2016

Acer Aspire Switch 12 S unleashes a new era of design

TAIPEI, Taiwan--(BUSINESS WIRE) May 19th, 2016--Fresco Logic, a leading technology provider that develops high-speed connectivity ICs and solutions for the computer, mobile, and smart electronic device market, today announced that its F-One™ Technology powers the new Acer Aspire Switch 12 S as the world’s first no-sacrifices hybrid 2-in-1 table/laptop. By using F-One Aggregation Technology combined with Keyssa’s Kiss connectivity, Acer designers were able to successfully maintain the elegance of an ultra-thin form factor without scarifying any I/O performance when compared with a full Notebook.

“Fresco Logic Technology allowed the Aspire Switch 12 S base dock to expand to a variety of I/O protocols via a single SuperSpeed USB3.0 signal over Keyssa’s Kiss Connectivity, without using any mechanical connectors or pogo pins,” said Wason Shyu, Vice President of Acer. “The technology helped us to keep our 2-in-1 hybrid design’s ultra-slim form factor without sacrificing performance and while maintaining all of the desired user experiences.”

Fresco Logic’s F-One Aggregation Technology bridges USB SuperSpeed signaling to a variety of protocols, including VGA, HDMI, and legacy USB. The F-One Aggregation technology enables a wide range of deployment scenarios and use cases that bring SuperSpeed USB over Contactless Kiss connectivity, long-distance fiber optic, Li-Fi communication, and more; finding applications in PCs, Notebooks, zero-clients, and Mobile devices as well as IOT and smart home products. Benefits include:

·   Aggregating multiple protocols onto a single channel, such as USB3.1, USB2.0, I2C, SPI, Power Delivery, Serial Port, GPIO, proprietary protocols, and more

·   Protocol agnostic, and media independent

·   High bandwidth, high reliability, ubiquitous availability

“F-One technology combined with Keyssa’s Kiss connectivity allows the Aspire Switch 12 S to create a new era of industrial design that will impact future product designs,” said Bob McVay, CTO of Fresco. “The power of F-One is not just about moving data quickly between devices, it’s about the ability to do that while also interoperating with legacy devices using multiple protocols simultaneously and efficiently.”

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