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Fresco Logic to demonstrate the Industry’s First USB-C™ PD3.0 Programmable Power Supply (PPS) Total Solution
Release Date : May 31 , 2017

  Computex Demo showcases smart Programmable Power Supply (PPS) charging up to 100W based on Fresco Logic's Panther Creek™ USB-C™ PD3.0 Controller

Taipei, Taiwan--(PRNWESWIRE)--Fresco Logic, a leading provider that develops super speed I/O connectivity ICs, live demonstrated the industry’s first USB-C™ Programmable Power Supply solution Compliant to Power Delivery(PD) 3.0 Rev 1.1 Specification at Taipei Computex 2017.  The first demo showcased Fresco Logic’s Panther Creek™ based FL7103 PD controller and a Partner’s buck-boost technology. Fresco Logic will provide a series PPS compliant charger solutions that will enable customers to fast deploy PD3.0 PPS in tablets, power banks, mobile devices, smart home appliances, auto electronics, and more.

Programmable Power Supply (PPS) is one of the most important additions to the USB-C Power Delivery 3.0 standard.  A power supply’s output voltage can be programmatically adjusted in small increments (20mv) over its advertised range from 3v to 21v. It also supports current fold back up to 5A, providing constant current charging.  This enables a smart phone to charge up to 50% in just 15 minutes. PPS is also compatible and supports QC4 fast charging from Qualcomm.

“The Programmable Power Supply provides a significant addition to existing USB-C Power Delivery standard because of its unmatched smart and super-fast charging capabilities”, said Ajay Bhatt, a world-renowned engineer and a former chief architect at Intel for the USB and PCI Express technologies. “I am pleased to see Fresco Logic’s commitment to be a technology leader and to enable customers to deliver first-to-market smart power products based on new USB-C™ PD3.0 PPS.”

“The Panther Creek™ Architecture is not just about fast charging, and Power Delivery, it is also about the ability to survive after product is released” said Robert McVay, CTO of Fresco Logic, “ Our PD products support field updates which can be necessary due to the specification revisions and compatibility issues with important platforms as they are released. We are confident we are bringing the best of compatibility, interoperability, and total solution to our customers”.

Panther Creek™

Panther Creek™ Architecture is Fresco Logic’s advanced USB-C PD technology that features configurability, survivability and custom optimization beyond fast charging and power delivery, An on chip micro-engine provides flexibility to allow customers fix system issues in the field due to specification immaturity and to  fix compatibility issues with important platforms. Panther Creek™ Technology powers Fresco Logic USB-IF certified PD Controller FL710x Product line for wide range application from host, dongle/Dock and Power charger.

About Ajay Bhatt

Ajay is a computer architect and father of USB and PCI Express, who led definition and development of several widely adopted technologies, including USB (Universal Serial Bus)AGP (Accelerated Graphics Port)PCI Express, Platform Power management architecture and various chipset improvements. Ajay was with Intel as Intel Fellow and Chief Platform Architect, He joined Fresco Logic advisory board in 2016.

About Fresco Logic

Fresco Logic is headquarter in Portland Oregon USA and is a market leader in providing advanced I/O solutions that deliver highly efficient connectivity such as USB 3.1, USB Type-C, Video Over USB, and USB Power Delivery for next-generation consumer electronics, mobile, and IoT Devices.

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